Dior inspired cake - Art of Cake Awards

Our entry for the Art of cake competition is based on this vintage gown by Christian Dior. The theme 'haute Couture' was a tough one for us as we wanted to show so many ideas... after a day of not been able to come up with a design that didn't look too mismatched or confused we went back to the drawing board and did a bit of research of what 'Haute Couture' fashion really means. We found out that there is an exclusive collection of designers who are included in the Paris Haute Couture Fashion House. The obvious choice for us was Dior as we love the opulence of his work. Although our cake is a display piece, it is totally and completely possible to be 100% edible, providing around 300 coffee serves. We have put in around 90 hours of work into our design, that's not to say we are slow! But we really focused on details and our cake is fully decorated all the way around, the hand painted fondant puffs in amoungst the ruffles, the roses and the frills are my favourite parts! We have second guessed ourselves throughout the whole process wondering if we have done enough and will the design work well, but when it all finally went together, I have to admit I fell in love with it and I'm really proud of our entry. If you do get a chance, head into Shore City galleria to check out the competition cakes, you should! I promise you they are so much better in real life!!  Competition closes 10th of July and winner is chosen via public vote :) 
UPDATE: we are thrilled to announce that we won the Art of Cake competition, thanks to all who voted for our entry :)

          Emily Blunt wearing Christian Dior gown Vanity Fair 2009
 Close up of hand painted fondant 'puffs' and sugar roses

 Photos courtesy of Chris Dillon Photography http://www.dillon.co.nz/  :)


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Kelsey Turner said...

That is Haute Couture alright. I love how the theme called to draw inspiration from something as gorgeous as fashion, specifically Dior, which prides itself with very refined and elegant designs. Kudos to you! :)
Kelsey Turner

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