A Salute to Summer

 Last nights storm has found us Sweet Bites girls a bit lost with no power at our little store! Summer has truly run away from us today so we have made fort at home. A day with out decorating is a rare and sad occasion for us but has given us the perfect chance to look back through our last season and share with you a few of our summery favourites.
Nicky and Gavins wedding this summer was a sweet pink and peach cupcake tower that we all fell in love with instantly! This is a simple and stunning design that was transformed with the use of fresh flowers placed through the vintage styled stand. This was the extra touch that made all the difference in keeping  the design soft and romantic but demanding in attention.

Another highlight to our summer season was the trend of rough finishes matched with statement flowers. Ivy and Rob perfected this trend with their bold design. The double barrel was an edgy choice but worked to their favour with the choice of bright dahlias and exotic blooms. The overall look of their wedding was still in keeping with the rustic theme summer brought us this season but had a whole new twist that we hope to see again.

My last mention for our summer season is the use of tree stumps as cake stands! This unconventional prop was a big craze for the many rustic themed weddings we saw. From birdcages to lacey vintage cakes it complimented them all! I couldn’t pick a favourite so here is a few hehe.

We are all so proud of what we have achieved through this season together. Every summer we get bigger, better and a stronger little team.

We are happy to see spring has finally arrived! With the change of season a new array of colours and themes has taken a strong turn from the subtle vintage tones of winter. The most striking new palette we have come across is the use of deep purples and aubergines with a contrasting spring green. It is refreshing to see deeper colours used in such a bright and modern way. The colours are a great way to put a modern spin on a rustic style wedding. The deep purples sit well with the use of dark woods and white lace through your wedding stationary and table settings making it an ideal theme for an outdoor wedding through the spring. We will be looking forward to see what else spring will bring to our designs!

Dior inspired cake - Art of Cake Awards

Our entry for the Art of cake competition is based on this vintage gown by Christian Dior. The theme 'haute Couture' was a tough one for us as we wanted to show so many ideas... after a day of not been able to come up with a design that didn't look too mismatched or confused we went back to the drawing board and did a bit of research of what 'Haute Couture' fashion really means. We found out that there is an exclusive collection of designers who are included in the Paris Haute Couture Fashion House. The obvious choice for us was Dior as we love the opulence of his work. Although our cake is a display piece, it is totally and completely possible to be 100% edible, providing around 300 coffee serves. We have put in around 90 hours of work into our design, that's not to say we are slow! But we really focused on details and our cake is fully decorated all the way around, the hand painted fondant puffs in amoungst the ruffles, the roses and the frills are my favourite parts! We have second guessed ourselves throughout the whole process wondering if we have done enough and will the design work well, but when it all finally went together, I have to admit I fell in love with it and I'm really proud of our entry. If you do get a chance, head into Shore City galleria to check out the competition cakes, you should! I promise you they are so much better in real life!!  Competition closes 10th of July and winner is chosen via public vote :) 
UPDATE: we are thrilled to announce that we won the Art of Cake competition, thanks to all who voted for our entry :)

          Emily Blunt wearing Christian Dior gown Vanity Fair 2009
 Close up of hand painted fondant 'puffs' and sugar roses

 Photos courtesy of Chris Dillon Photography http://www.dillon.co.nz/  :)


For those of you over 12 who have not heard of Monster High before, They are dolls... about the size of a Barbie, and manufactured by Mattel but that's about all they have in common with a Barbie doll! 
Monster High is a high school for the offspring of monsters, legends & myths.  There are dozens but to give you some examples: Frankie Stein, daughter of Frankenstein, Lagoona Blue, daughter of the sea monster, Deuce Gorgan, son on Medussa (he rocks a snake Mohawk!) and my favourite, Draculaura, daughter of Dracula.  Every character has a unique personality and the mantra they all seem to follow is BE YOURSELF, BE UNIQUE... it's cool to be different.  We have really enjoyed making cakes based on the dolls, and look forward to designing many more (fingers crossed someone wants a 'Cleo' cake... I have a great idea for an Egyptian mummy themed cake)

              Logo cupcakes                                                Frankie-Stein inspired cake
                                                  Coffin Locker cake

Operetta Cake (daughter of the phantom of the Opera, hence the music notes and the spiders feature on he clothes alot which is to be expected... she lives in the Catacombs beneath the high school)

Amy & Richard Kahui's wedding cake

We were delighted to have made the wedding cake for Amy & Richard Kahui's big day. Event planner Lisa Hill from Beautiful Events made it all possible and styled an amazing wedding. Congratulations to the happy couple and thanks to Lisa for allowing us to be part of it ♡♥♡

Superhero Cake

This cake was super fun!  The birthday boy wanted a 'Super Hero' theme for his 5th birthday party, and this is what we came up with for the cake.  Optimus Prime on the bottom, then Bumblebee, The Hulk, Ironman, Batman and finished with a Spiderman topper.  So bright and colourful, we love it!

Monster Tuck Cake

Monster Truck cake for Jordon based on the American 'Grave Digger' truck. Every year Jordans cakes get bigger and better - we can't wait to see what her dreams up for us next year!

Eiffel Tower Cake

It began with a beautiful engagement story...

and ended with a beautiful wedding cake.

Jason and Vivien wanted a deliciously different wedding cake that would recreate Jason's romantic proposal on the steps of the Eiffel Tower in Paris. It was a theme carried through their wedding stationery and reception decorations. It was a challenge to create, but the cake is made with a 9 inch cherry ripe mud cake, with three 6-inch mudcakes layered upon another to make the Eiffel tower part (white chocolate mudcake and cookies and cream mudcake). Congratulations Jason and Vivien!

Big Mac Combo Cake

A Big Mac Combo cake made from white chocolate & lemon mudcake. Fries are vanilla bean cookies.... everything is edible! Happy birthday Gareth

Cookie Monster Cake

8 inch Cookies & Cream cake with cute Cookie Monster on top. 2D cupcake faces and cupcake cookies all fondant. Happy 3rd birthday Deizahn

Rum Bottle Cake

Cookies & Cream mudcake decorated as a Coruba rum bottle.

Happy 40th Avi

Tinkerbell Cake

An 8 inch lilac cake featuring Tinkerbell doll and sugar flowers.

This cake is so pretty, I love it.

Happy birthday Lillian

Nemo Cake

Underwater themed Nemo cake for Adams 3rd birthday. All decorations are edible except for small supports in floating seaweed.

happy birthday Adam

Workbench Cake

A workbench cake to celebrate Solomons 30th birthday. Cake featured little fondant tools, plans, wood shavings etc... Solomon figurine wearing a Chiefs jersey

Happy 30th Solomon

Mermaid Cake

A cute little mermaid cake for Alessandra's birthday. Fondant mermaid, shell and decorations

Happy birthday Alessandra

Ned Kelly Cake

Centerpiece cake for a Ned Kelly themed 40th party that ended up about a metre tall!
All cake - no rice crispies! We were pretty happy with how it turned out, and the clients were thrilled!

Handy Manny Tool Box cake

9 inch rectangle chocolate cake with fondant tools - design based on the childrens show Handy Manny. Wodgrain effect iced board finishes this cake nicely!
Happy birthday Logan

Buzzy Bee Cupcakes

Buzzy Bee cupcakes made for the Child Cancer Family Room to celebrate their new sponsor... Buzzy Bee will be touring NZ raising money and awareness - such a great cause! These cupcakes looked awesome all lined up ready to fly away! Cupcakes are chocolate fudge with milky bar frosting. Bees are fondant and all edible.

Ribbon Cake

Double tier 10" white chocolate mudcakes with an 8 inch chocolate mudcake and 6 inch caramel mud top tier. All cakes iced in white chocolate ganache with a very thin layer of white fondant. Ribbon was made from a blend of fondant and sugar paste.

Congratulations Sarah & Morgan

Dress Form Cake

2x tier chocolate cherryripe mudcakes with vanilla bean frosting.
Mannequin hand painted with a vintage look and the dress is made from embossed fondant brushed with a touch of sparkle lustre.
A very fun cake to make!

Iggle Piggle Cake

Iggle Piggle and Makka Pakka feature on this cake to celebrate Riley's 1st birthday. All decorations are fondant

Coffee Sack cake

Coffee sack and espresso cup are made from chocolate mudcake with espresso and white chocolate buttercream. Fondant saucer and cup handle. Biscotti and coffee beans are real

Where the Wild Things Are cake

This cake was inspired by a picture I stumbled across on google images. I have tried and failed to source the baker to give credit for the design. Such a cool theme for a kids party!

The 'Max' figure is fondant eh the "Wild Thing' is a giant cakepop with edible head and body. Happy 1st birthday Max!

Chocolate & Turquoise Wedding Cake

This cake was such a challenge... iced in a deep turquoise fondant with peek-a-boo cut outs from an overlay of chocolate fondant.

We had a bit of fun for flavours for this cake, top tier is a chocolate peanut butter mudcake with Reeces Pieces in it, middle tier chocolate mudcake and the bottom tier is a white chocolate & raspberry mudcake which we made bright red in colour!

Congratulations Miriam & Patrick

Swan Lake & Wind in the Willows cupcakes

Chocolate fudge cupcakes made for the Mt Eden Ballet Academy end of year concert. We made 300 of these as a fundraiser for the dance school. Mix of vanilla bean, orange and chocolate buttercream frostings.